About Us

About Us

Look at Auman Mack closely and discover a world-class graphic design firm wrapped in a marketing agency, led by strategic consultants hell-bent on helping companies achieve their marketing objectives. It is a marketing communications firm where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Auman Mack provides a unique mix of services. First, we serve “left brain" needs, providing insights into the strategic relevance of a client’s brand to its customers’ needs. Then we fulfill "right brain" requirements with persuasive marketing communications and design services.

Whether we are serving the left brain or the right, the suite of services we provide, and the disciplined processes that drive them, are constructed for one purpose only — to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. Anything else would just be self gratification. And we’re not into that.

Meet The Team

Dan Auman


Dan is the founder and co-owner of Auman Mack, and has been our primary creative resource and account manager for over 30 years.

Kirby McCullough


Kirby’s experience as a principal, executive, board member and elected official of traditional and not-for-profit organizations brings a unique perspective to our clients and projects.

Tom Wealand


Tom’s career as advertising agent, product distributor and “client” gives him a 360-degree perspective on the art and science of sales/marketing communications.

Karen Swope


Karen is an Auman Mack veteran and serves our clients with project oversight, account management, graphic design, digital executions and social media management.

What do our customers say?

The product design team at Auman Mack made our product success a reality. Having the ability to get the marketing strategy and the brand design produced within the same company streamlined the startup process and allowed us to enter the marketplace with a great product and strong brand.
Craig Seyl, Biotools, President
Auman Mack has outdone themselves on the design of our newsletter — the best ever! Their whole production is just outstanding!
Tom Hall, Friends of Arrow Rock, President

The abililty of Auman Mack to help Gift of Life develop a brand with consistent messaging, and materials that exude optimism, are the reasons we consider them to be an essential strategic partner.
Keith Anderson, Gift of Life, Executive Director

Hiring Auman Mack to develop our corporate identity and to manage our advertising was money well spent. For 12 years they applied a consistent visual brand and messaging in our marketplace that helped our business grow and succeed.
Kevin Westrope, Westrope, President

Our Work


Auman Mack offers a suite of marketing consultation and communications resources purpose-built to help you achieve your business objectives. We begin by analyzing your products to understand their relevance to your customers’ needs and their most competitive selling points. Then our best-in-class creative powers a fully integrated and budget-sensitive campaign that drives your message home and motivates your customers to buy.



Skillfully prepared, the strategic plan keeps the team and its resources focused on strategies that get the company from the starting point to the finish line in the shortest time, with minimum waste.



Is that even a word? We think so, and we believe a sale begins with a consumer’s perception that a product meets his or her needs. We apply Perceptivity to help our clients understand where their products meet or miss their customers’ needs.



Nothing less than relevant messages, forcefully delivered, will do. We fashion sales messages into lightning bolts that spark customer attention, understanding, and action.

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