Auman Mack offers a suite of marketing consultation and communications resources purpose-built to help you achieve your business objectives. We begin by analyzing your products to understand their relevance to your customers’ needs and their most competitive selling points. Then our best-in-class creative powers a fully integrated and budget-sensitive campaign that drives your message home and motivates your customers to buy.



Skillfully prepared, the strategic plan keeps the team and its resources focused on strategies that get the company from the starting point to the finish line in the shortest time, with minimum waste.



Is that even a word? We think so, and we believe a sale begins with a consumer’s perception that a product meets his or her needs. We apply Perceptivity to help our clients understand where their products meet or miss their customers’ needs.



Nothing less than relevant messages, forcefully delivered, will do. We fashion sales messages into lightning bolts that spark customer attention, understanding, and action.